Hello, Earthlings!

(and puppies too)

🐶 💜 💗

My name is Anita Wills. (If u know me, u would describe me as that one awesome kid u hang out with)

I am here to tell u about all the things I learned about at coding camp!

#1: I learned how to create code on Notepad++.

Notepad++ helped me create a website.

It was cool.

#2: Guest speakers came and told us about color, our dreams, and fashion.

A real live fashion designer came!!

#3: I learned how to add a solid color background, a gradient background, and how to add emojis (at begining).

*yawn* I could really use some coffee right now. Roll the commercial!

Now it's time for a picture break (p.s. these pictures are random) (p.p.s I learned how to do this stuff too!)

A random picture
Lorem Picsum

Now for some shapes!