Are you bored often? If so you've come to the right website!

On this website you can find many fun or creative things to do when you are bored.

One thing to do is read a good book and drink hot tea.

Another fun thing to do is a rainbow walk. Get an empty egg carton and paint each seperate thing a different color. Go on a walk and collect things that match the colors and put them in the different color sections.

You could aslo make stickers. All you need is parchment paper, tape, scissors, and a drawing of your choosing. First lay out the parchment paper on a flat surface. Then cut a peice of tape of and stick it onto the parchment paper. Cut out your picture (it doesn't matter if it's printed or drawn) and lay it on top of the parchment paper with tape. Then add another layer of tape on top of the picture and tape and then cut out. Then you're all done and when you are ready to use it peel the parchment paper off and stick onto something.

Something else you can do is watch a good movie, or have a movie marathon. Get some popcorn, candy, and something to drink. Invite your friends and get cozy and watch a good movie.

Some good movies to watch are:

~The Hunger Games
~Harry Potter
~Enola Holmes
~Disney Princess movies
~IT (I recommend watching some happy cartoons after these movies)
~The Nightmare Before Christmas~

I would say to save this activity for a rainy day when there isn't anything else to do.

If you like being active and working out then choose a nice day and go on a run with music, a podcast, or an audiobook.


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