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Student Websites

We provide our students the ability to showcase their developing websites should they wish to do so. That takes courage!

We hope you will provide a few words to support their bravery and encourage them to continue building their coding skill sets.

Please tap the button below to leave a few encouraging words for them.

Continue to watch this space.

More student websites are on the way! Many already here will continue to grow!


These websites reflect the first time these 5th-9th grade students have written code on a blank screen. Some of these websites were created by our beginner 2023 Summer Camp & 2023 Winter Camp students while others reflect websites created after only one or two 2-hour "Saturday Sessions".

In all cases, these websites demonstrate that within an extremely short amount of time these young students were able to understand and represent a mix of the following concepts: basic HTML and CSS code structure, how to incorporate text, colors, images, hyperlinks, symbols, and shapes, how to implement basic positioning, and even how to create word and shape animations.

Just imagine what they can do with a little additional support and encouragement!


At times, Girls Code Savannah partners with other purpose-driven community organizations to bring the empowering experience of real-world coding to those they serve. If requested, we also host the newly-created websites for the world to celebrate. Click a community organization below to celebrate their new coders.

Words of Encouragement